Abacoa & Alton Neighbors - April 2021

12 Abacoa &Alton N E I G H B O R S | A p r i l 2 0 2 1 “ The Charity Bell: The Salvation Army of Palm Beach County By Frank Marangos D.Min., Ed.D., FCEP Director of Development and Communications The Salvation Army of Palm Beach County The Liberty Bell rang its last clear note on February 26, 1846, in honor of President George Washington. One of the most prominent symbols of freedom in the United States, the Liberty Bell’s most famous note was heard on July 8, 1776 when it summoned citizens to the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence. Unfortunately, the “Old Bell of Freedom” went completely out of tune when it received a zig-zag fracture at noon on the birthdate of America’s first president. Today, it resides at the Liberty Bell Center in Philadelphia, where it is occasionally tapped to mark special occasions. Like the United States, the Salvation Army is best known for its own bell. Forged in the mind of Joseph McFee, a Salvation Army captain, a bell was used in 1891 to raise money for the hungry at the Oakland Ferry Landing in front of a kettle that read, “Keep the Pot Boiling.” From that time forward, The Army’s signature Red Kettle and Charity Bell have become familiar staples of America’s Christmas holiday season. The Salvation Army of Palm Beach County has been supporting those in need in the South Florida community without discrimination for over 98 years. Apart from its Red Kettle campaign, The Salvation Army’s Charity Bell rings to inspire volunteers and the financial subsidy of the following 12 primary programs: 1. Angel Tree Program provides Christmas toys and clothing to more than 3,000 local children who might otherwise go without, due to the increase in numbers of parents being laid off, and struggling to provide necessities. 2. Disaster Relief Services provides water and ice, emergency shelter, food and clothing, cleaning supplies and hygiene products and spiritual assistance to disaster workers and survivors. 3. Northwest Community Center provides early learning, homework assistance, music instruction, personal interaction skills, summer camping, physical development and athletic programs. 4. Emergency Housing for Families provides professional case management and emergency shelter to homeless individuals and 5. Youth Character Building Programs provides opportunities for local children to be exposed to positive influences through mentoring, character building workshops, tutoring, music, and recreational activities. 6. Residential Re-Entry Program Center provides three programmatic components for helping Federal offenders transition out of prison back into society. The Center is also used as a placement for residents awaiting trial or as a penal sanction. 7. Pathway of Hope Program provides professional, long-term Case Management assistance and support to people in crisis and in need by means of residential and non-residential services and programs. 8. Residential Veteran Services Program provides a safe and secure environment for homeless veterans through structured weekly meetings and individualized case management assisting residents to achieve self- sufficiency. 9. Safe House for Victims of Human Trafficking provides housing and supportive services to victims of human trafficking crimes in partnership with Catholic Charities Bakhita Empowerment Program. 10. Youth Camping Program offers both residential and Day Camp opportunities for youth in our community. Prayer pulls the rope below, and the great bell rings above in the ears of God. He who wins with heaven is the man who grasps at the rope boldly and pulls continuously, with all his might. Charles Spurgeon CHARITY SPOTLIGHT