Abacoa & Alton Neighbors - April 2021

A p r i l 2 0 2 1 | Abacoa &Alton N E I G H B O R S 13 CHARITY SPOTLIGHT The camping program includes recreation, outdoor education, music instruction, STEM resources, and spiritual care to school aged children. The residential component located in North Central Florida also offers equine education, water sports, and team building through a fully certified Ropes Course. 11. Emergency Food Assistance provides food resources , meal programs and grocery delivery to those in need adversely affected by exceptional circumstances. 12. EMAST Program (Emergency Assistance) provides low-income families and struggling households the ability to pay their rent, mortgage and utility bills offsetting added financial burdens. The Liberty Bell was known to have a dominant E-flat tone. It is the key in which Tchaikovsky composed his 1812 Overture that annually resonates so well over the Boston Esplanade on the Fourth of July. According to Ernst Pauer (1826-1905), the Austrian pianist, composer, and professor at the Royal College of Music, each key of the musical scale expresses different principles and emotions found in the perfection of beauty. E flat major, suggests Pauer, is “the key that boasts the greatest variety of expression. At once serious and solemn, it is the exponent of courage and determination, and gives to the piece a brilliant, firm and dignified character.” Unlike the Liberty Bell’s majestic E-Flat tone that once conveyed a bold and heroic message, the resonance of The Salvation Army’s Charity Bell has never been fractured nor left out-of-tune. Overcoming numerous societal challenges, even the Coronavirus has not been able to silence the signaling of the organization’s philanthropic programs and initiatives. Adhering to social distancing regulations and mask-wearing bell-ringers, the clear and steady tone of The Salvation Army Bell has faithfully “Kept the Pot Boiling” for those most in need. Sound travels much the same way as a rock thrown into water wakes and cascades outward into circles. Like the E-Flat thud of the Liberty Bell that set freedom into motion, the Charity Bell of The Salvation Army of Palm Beach County pledges to continue broadening its humanitarian ripples through Florida’s Treasure Coast. Paraphrasing Spurgeon’s famous exhortation, The Salvation Army is determined to prayerfully grasp and courageously pull the philanthropic ropes below, so that the Great Bell above may never cease to ring in the ears of God! 561.420.8888 visit us at: www.jupiterimplants.com FREE 1 YEAR VIP DENTAL PLAN *call for details NEW PATIENT INVITATION $69 ADULTS • $59 CHILD EXAM • 4 BITEWING X-RAYS • CLEANING Across from Scripps and FAU 1155 Main Street, Suite 105 Jupiter, FL 33458 FREE EMERGENCY VISIT & X-RAY All done in a COVID Safe and comfortable enviroment! ROOT CANAL & PERIODONTAL TREATMENT COSMETIC DENTISTRY DENTAL SPA AT ABACOA DENTAL IMPLANTS (D0140, D0220 / WITH SAME DAY Treatment) Three Palms Center, 2151 S. Alternate AIA, Suite 1500, Jupiter Palm Beach Compounding Pharmacy Improving Your Health with CustomMedications Customized Medications made for HUMANS & THEIR PETS OLD FASHIONED, FRIENDLY SERVICE SINCE 2004 561.741.1191 palmbeachcompounding.com W B S B W A S 4237 East Main Street, Jupiter, FL 33458 (561) 906-5399 visit: www.libertybookstore.com We buy rare and interesting books. Single books to entire collections.