Palm Beach North Sports - April 2021

A p r i l 2 0 2 1 | P A L M B E A C H N O R T H SPORTS 15 Achieve Peak Performance in Sports & Life By Charlie Janes Self-doubt does more to sabotage individual potential than all other limitations put together. This article is about feeding the mind to achieve peak performance in sports and life. It is adapted from a course I teach executives and business owners called Perform at Your Best by Brian Tracy. Everything you will ever be is a result of how you think. The most successful people visualize the outcomes they desire. Tom Brady was seventh on the University of Michigan depth chart and eventually hired a sports psychologist to help him cope with frustration and anxiety. He ultimately won a starting job but wasn’t drafted by the New England Patriots until the 199th pick. It turned out OK. He won 17 division titles in 19 seasons and won six out of nine Super Bowls. Successful athletes and businesspeople follow the Law of Expression, which says whatever you put into your mind repeatedly will become part of your reality. Everything you accomplish is a result of thousands of little things you do that no one else sees. FEED YOUR MIND WITH MENTAL PROTEIN, NOT CANDY. Mental protein is solid ideas that can help you improve your life, personality, relationships, and success. Mental candy is what most people consume throughout the day-social media, TV, and games. Remember, you become what you think of most of the time. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. It requires total concentration. Successful people are continuous learners. When you graduate, you attend a commencement ceremony. Commencement means beginning, not termination. Formal education will help you make a living. Self-learning will make you successful. Reading books and listening to podcasts helps you learn lessons that it took others years to master. Here are four recommendations on what you can do to succeed in sports and life based on the best practices of successful people like Brady, LeBron James and Elon Musk– to name a few. • Learn from successful people. Choose who you associate with very carefully and learn as much as you can from them. They will open doors for you and will attract other people you can learn from. • Discard self-limiting beliefs. The biggest enemy anyone has is her doubt and fears. Visualize the outcomes you want in life. Make an effort to find the positive in what happens and learn from it. • Be a teacher and role model for others. You will learn more quickly and become more proficient in what you do by teaching others. PRACTICE THE MASTER SKILL OF SUCCESS. Write down your goals daily. It programs your mind and provides a clear picture of the POSITIVE outcome you want. Write them down positively as if you’ve accomplished them at a designated time in the future. Charlie Janes is a business growth coach and speaker who has built three businesses from 0 to $100 million. He has worked for and developed some of the most successful leaders in Silicon Valley. You can find free tools for business and life success at https://charliejanes. or write to SPORTS PERFORMANCE