Palm Beach North Sports - March 2021

M a r c h 2 0 2 1 | P A L M B E A C H N O R T H SPORTS 15 In the summer of 2015 a few of us were on a mission trip to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. We had met up with a local pastor who was leading us to a place just outside the city known as Ouest. As we traveled, he insisted that we stop to visit the principal of a small school, which had been established after the earthquake in 2010. What we saw wasn’t a school; it was a dilapidated building made from leftover lumber and plywood. And even though the building was small, it contained more than 300 children. Our hearts were broken. But the principal believed – he believed that one day they would have an actual school. He believed that he was impacting the lives of all those children. He believed that what he was working toward – mattered. I remembered later on I had journaled that someday we would rebuild this school. And two years later, we did! After returning home from that second trip, I couldn’t stop thinking about the people this building would impact: the kids who would be attending the new school, the parents that would stand in its shade all morning, and all the people living in the community who would travel for hours to draw water from the well next to the school building. Why were they journeying so far? Wasn’t there something closer to where they lived? I knew there had to be more we could do. Hundreds of people were visiting this school nearly every day throughout the day and not because there were attending school but because they needed water. And that’s when it hit me… What if an entire community was built ON TOP OF WATER. These precious people were coming for water but couldn’t they benefit from that building? What if ON TOP OF WATER we built schools and churches, and medical clinics, businesses, agriculture and even homes? What if we built entire communities around water? What if that one building was more than just a school? What if it were also a life center where the adults in the community could learn a trade? What if it was? What if these people could visit on the weekends and hear about the love of Jesus? And what would happen if the construction strategy could be improved? Better yet: what if we could provide an opportunity for the people in the community? What if that school building was meant for something more, meant for a greater purpose, or for a greater impact? That’s when was founded. It was created to build stronger communities on top of water because communities matter and the people that make up those communities matter. Since 2017 has impacted more 75,000 people in more than 9 different countries through its water and buildings projects and we are just getting started. You see, there are nearly 800 million people all over the world do not have access to safe clean water. Thats more than 1 out of every 9 all across our planet. It has been shown that when a person has access to clean safe water the life they live improves dramatically. Clean water leads to improved health. Good health leads to more time. More time leads to opportunity for school and faith and hope. In Haiti alone there are more than 2,000,000 men, women, and children living in 170 neighborhoods, 570 communal sections, 142 municipalities, 11 major cities all without clean water and while there are dozens if not hundreds of organizations working in Haiti, we believe God is calling to be the one to lead a movement to solve the water crisis by 2030 if not before! The dream of actually reaching every man, woman and child in an entire nation seems overwhelming especially since such an audacious goal had never been accomplished in a developing country…not yet! Providing access to safe drinking water and offering the Gospel to every community served would mean changing countless lives in the present while changing their eternal destinies at the same time. We believe we can remedy the problem of water scarcity in Haiti by reaching 2,000,000 Haitians who still lack access to safe drinking water by the end of 2030. And we believe we all have a part to play in this story. To learn more about the mission of please visit CHARITY SPOTLIGHT