Palm Beach North Sports - May 2021

2 P A L M B E A C H N O R T H SPORTS | M a y 2 0 2 1 “WHAT IF” THIS IS YOUR LIFE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! By Lisa Sliney, MS, LNHA, Licensed Centurion Agent; Oh, No! I have my home covered, my car insurance, my appliances, and I have not thought about Life Insurance coverage except for my final expenses. What am I am I doing to myself and my family? I did not think to realize how I can have life insurance work in my favor while I am living. A Whole Life policy earns interest and allows my money to grow while accumulating cash value that I am able to use for whatever I want and when I want. I only need to be in good health to qualify for this type of policy. I can add more to the policy and even allow that cash to grow so I can take out the cash value and put a down payment on a car or save and build enough cash to use for a wedding. Today, there are so many options to do with a Whole Life policy while you are living and have that safety net for “what if” you do not come home. Your mortgage can be paid off and your family can still live their lifestyle while utilizing the value of Life Insurance for their entire life. Since there are so many ways to customize our policies, please reach out and give me a call to learn how this can benefit you and your family now. Updates and new changes are happening so learn what they are. EXPERT CONTRIBUTOR