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Our company background

Palm Beach Neighbors Media Solutions

We help you BUILD YOUR BUSINESS BRAND and Reach over 25,000 affluent Residents in Palm Beach County North every Month

We use “MULTI-MEDIA PLATFORM” for Brand Marketing to form networks with our local Residents and Businesses. Bringing people together in a positive, relevant and family friendly Media Solutions that we customized to meet the needs of each Community

We bring “High Value Content” for a focused Target Market distribution to influence the growth market, so you the investor gains a greater economic impact.

Currently expanding our local publications in the Palm Beach County communities with Palm Beach North Sports Media. Being inside of a network and participating in your community, we empower neighbors to communicate effectively and efficiently with one another, by bringing neighbors and businesses together.

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Our Team

Wayne Canner


Wayne Canner is one of those people, and “Getting Things Done” and driving results – through collaboration, partnerships and relationships – as a strategic marketing executive, is what he is all about. With an enthusiastic and genuinely friendly attitude, Wayne radiates a sincere passion for delivering value and benefits to his clients.

Natasja Floyd Curtin

Associate Publisher

Natasja is a true Floridian native. Her Jupiter family roots go back to the days when her Grandfather took a boat to school. With passion for the area and great work ethic, working for Abacoa & Aton Neighbors was the perfect fit. Her passion lies in marketing with a niche for social media.

Heather Storm
Heather Storm

Content Coordinator