Palm Beach North Sports - December 2021

8 P A L M B E A C H N O R T H SPORTS | D e c e m b e r 2 0 2 1 By Dan Hauser Photos by Neil Cohen Photography If you watch TV there’s a good chance you have seen the commercial and heard the jingle. You might even find yourself humming it from time to time. “Good Greek Moving & Storage; Your SuperHero Movers!” You’ve also probably seen the man behind the commercials and the company as well, Spero Georgedakis. What you might not know, though, is the story behind how Good Greek Moving & Storage came about. Spero grew up in Queens, New York, and found the game of football when he got to junior high (middle school). He played throughout junior high, high school, and even college, playing quarterback for Buffalo State. He also excelled in track and field, earning honors in the shot put and discus. “I was #1 in Queens for junior and senior year for the discus and shot put throws,” Spero said. “But I didn’t pursue track and field in college, I just focused on football.” Spero played 2 years in college before a knee injury ended his sports career in a game against the University of Rochester. "It was great," Georgedakis added. "Having played with all walks of life; you got to see different parts of the country and people, and it got me outside of my element and comfort zone. You get tested as an individual as well as a teammate, which is what I liked about it; the challenges." After college, Spero embraced those challenges in quite a unique way too. You see, he didn’t immediately get into the moving and storage business. After college, he moved to Miami and went into law enforcement, serving on the SWAT team for most of his career. After seven years on the force, he decided it was time for another challenge, turning his attention to the COVER FEATURE Spero Georgedakis Meet Resident