Profiles of Leadership: Michael Jessup: President & CEO of Alzheimer’s Community Care

A Lifelong Commitment to Non-Profit Leadership and Healthcare Advocacy

From Non-Profit Leadership to Steering Alzheimer’s Community Care

Michael Jessup’s remarkable journey is a testament to a life shaped by resilience, family values, and a commitment to making a meaningful impact. Beyond his extensive 25-year career in non-profit leadership and healthcare advocacy, Michael’s childhood experiences and family background have been foundational pillars in steering both his personal and professional pursuits.

Childhood Roots: A Foundation of Resilience

Born in Washington DC and raised in Baltimore, Michael’s childhood was marked by the unwavering support of his parents. Their emphasis on family values, resilience, and treating Michael’s health challenges, including a diabetes diagnosis at the age of eight, as ordinary aspects of life, set the tone for his future endeavors.
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